編寫mBlock擴展 Create Extensions for mBlock


編寫mBlock擴展 Create Extensions for mBlock


mBlock擴展能為mBlock添加新的mblock積木。您可以運用擴展來加入您喜歡的Arduino感應器,或Lego, LittleBits等機械人和電子模塊產品
Extensions allow custom blocks for mBlock. You can use extensions to support third-party Arduino sensors or other robotic products such as Lego or LittleBits.

Anybody can write extensions for mBlock. This makes mBlock an awesome platform for every types of hardware-related programming.

In this guide you will learn:

  • 為你喜愛的Arduino硬件編寫mBlock擴展
    Define new blocks for your Arduino-based hardware in mBlock
  • 將擴展上載到mBlock擴展中心,讓其他用家也可以下載
    Upload your extension to mBlock Extension Center
  • 下載及引入mBlock擴展
    Package and import an extension in mBlock

下載mBlock擴展指南 Download mBlock Extension Guide


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